Dear Mom

PeggyMy sweet mother and forever-best friend,
How has it been 12 years since I held your precious hand?
I miss your beautiful blue eyes, which they say you gave to me.
How I long for the day when again your face I will see.

I heard your  whispering voice in the ocean breeze
As I collected the seashells you dropped along for me.
I felt the warmth of your hugs as the sun kissed my skin
And remembered your smile as the tides rolled out again.

Like you, I’ve returned to the woods and rolling hills.
I can hear you singing as the blue birds trill.
I sense your wild spirit as the squirrels chase and chatter;
I see you dancing with the butterflies and remember your laughter.

The countless talks we had, I will always treasure;
The secrets and dreams we shared, I will keep forever.
Your love for the Lord and your bedtime prayers
Revealed your true heart, your deep passions and cares.

The peace and joy from your face will always comfort me 
The day the angels filled your room that only you could see.
When you peered round behind me and saw our Savior’s face
I understood the beauty of His amazing grace.

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