Be Happy – Do That!

Pete the catI have discovered a new hero: Pete the Cat. Not having kids, we never watch cartoons at our house so I’d never even heard of the “groovy” feline. Not finding anything worth watching the other night, hubby pulled up an episode and we watched it. The message was so simple, and yet so profound: Find what makes you happy, and do that! (Not in sin of course, but in work, hobbies, talents, etc.) I was reminded of what a mentor said in a writing class I took years ago. “Find what you do, and do it well.” We may have to try several things before we get it, or that thing may change over time or in different seasons of life. Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing – just do you! Whether that means book nerd or world traveler, be that awesomely, creative, unique individual God created you to be. LIVE your life. You only get one, and it is incredibly short. You are the writer of your story. Write it well.

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